Growing & Farming Operations

Four Star Fruit, Inc. has championed the development and use of the industry’s most advanced practices and technologies and is a leader in the development and use of environmentally friendly packaging. The days of one-size-fits-all are long gone. Today, retailers—and their suppliers—must understand and respond to customer needs at the neighborhood level. That’s why organics have become such an important part of our business.

• Nutritional Facts

• Handling Techniques

• Organic Farming

• Farming Techniques

• Eco-Friendly Packaging

• In-House Packing Facility

• Responsible Labor Practices

• 3rd Party Certification

• Aspects

Reduce Carbon Footprint by Lowering Utility Energy Usage: In 2008 we responded to forecasts indicating aggressive increases in energy prices (>40% thru 2015).

• Innovation: Implemented progressive automation technology to control and monitor refrigeration storage systems.

• Fully automated pallet wrapping system to improve quality.

• Add Value to Our Products: Apply lean manufacturing techniques to optimize productivity and deliver consistent quality in storage.

• Worked with Fresno State University professor to develop and implement SO2 fumigation program for conventional products.