Social Responsibility

Four Star Fruit, Inc. is proud to be part of the San Joaquin and Coachella Valley agricultural communities. We like to honor our employees and the local community by giving back through worthy organizations. Giving varies by year, with a consistent emphasis on education. Supporting kids and adults for higher education, technical degrees and training improves lives and strengthens the community. We’re excited to begin offering 10 ag-related scholarships a year for $2,000 each. Other organizations we support include:

  • Local high schools and colleges
  • Future Farmers of America
  • Local churches
  • American Diabetes Association
  • American Cancer Society (research)
  • 420 Club for Highway Patrolmen


Environmental Responsibility

Being a good neighbor in the community extends to taking care of the land. Here’s how Four Star Fruit manages our fields for environmental stewardship:Aerial 02

  • Work with a Pest Control Advisor to identify the least amount of pesticide possible to eliminate pests and minimize environmental impact (conventional grapes)
  • Increase production of organic fruit for long-term sustainability
  • Conserve water by using drip irrigation vs. flood whenever possible
  • Use solar power for cold storage to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Recycle oil that we use on our property for tractors, trucks, generators