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The history of pristine

Anton Caratan, Four Star Fruit Inc., Delano Farms Co., and Sun Fresh International are proud to introduce the Pristine™, a totally new and unique late season green seedless table grape.

The Pristine™ was developed by Anton Caratan after twenty-plus years and over 225,000 cross breeds. The result is a remarkable new late variety of large, crispy grape that has all the characteristics retailers covet, including an unbelievably long shelf-life. “The Pristine™ has a crisp texture coupled with a taste that starts off with a sweet vanilla streak and ends with a zesty Granny Smith apple finish,” says Caratan.

Caratan has licensed Four Star Fruits and Delano Farms to grow and market the Pristine™ in the United States, and has licensed Sun Fresh International’s parent company to grow and market the variety exclusively outside the continental United States. Caratan will continue to grow, expand, and market their Pristine™ acreage through Sun Fresh International. Sun Fresh is also propagating the Pristine™ in Chile.

Four Star Fruit and Delano Farms are dedicating several thousand acres to the Pristine™, believing the variety will have the same impact on the green seedless industry as the Crimson Seedless had on the red seedless industry when it was introduced in 1989. “This could be the world’s best table grape. We are so enthusiastic about its quality that we have begun wide-spread propagation of the grape in our fields.”

Delano Farms and Four Star Fruit are autonomous companies. Both employ the most progressive farming techniques, enlightened labor practices, advanced cold storage technology, and environmentally friendly packaging. Both are located in Delano, California. Sun Fresh International LLC, located in Visalia, California, is an autonomous company associated with the Vidaurri family group of companies located throughout North and South America.